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As an acupuncturist, and doctor of Oriental Medicine, and as a Nutritional Therapist, I have learned the great significance of nutrient dense foods paired with a well balanced system. Foods, rich in minerals, trace minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, are essential to build your immune system and keep your body functioning at an optimal level.

Let me work with you to help bring all of these pieces together. We can use oriental medicine to balance and align your body systems to work more effectively (like a well-tuned vehicle), and develop a food plan that works with your individual nutritional needs. Teaching how to recognize Real Food, is a passion for me.


Restore Your Digestion and Get in Your Groove Again

Want good GI function? It matters what you EAT

Want strong immunity? 70% of your immune resides in your gut.

Want strength and endurance? Poor GI leads to inflammation, degenerating joints, bones, and muscle weakness.

Want sound mind and good mental health? It has been proven that there is a Gut brain connection, and you need HEALTHY bacteria populating your gut.

Need organic, real not processed foods, fermented foods, healthy fats, plenty of veggies and some fruits, grass-fed meats, get plenty of rest, think happy thoughts and move a lot (exercise).


Some common symptoms that may be addressed: Fatigue, depression, GERD, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, hormonal issues, musculoskeletal issues, skin problems, weight control, constipation/diarrhea, and more!


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