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BioIndividual Nutrition

The complexities of the information today about what to eat and why are overwhelming; you can be totally confused about what foods are good for you.

Diets become trendy; you try to fit yourself into the latest fad, without realizing that not everyone has the capability of processing the same foods. We as Nutritional Therapists are trained to determine the appropriate diet for each individual.  This is called Bio-Individual Nutrition.

My job as the Pure Foods Doctor is to bring you to your healthiest self. I do this by guiding you to a new way of eating, which supports your digestion and enhances your overall health. I teach you about the great benefits and delights of real foods and nutrient dense foods.

My mission is to develop an individualized food plan just for you.

Gluten Free

Low Salicylate

Feingold/ Failsafe

Low Phenol

Low Fodmaps

Dairy Free


Low Oxylate

Low Amine

Low Histamine



Body Ecology

Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatment is based on an oriental medical diagnosis that includes an assessment of pulse quality, shape and color of the tongue, medical history and whole body evaluation.

Following the diagnosis, acupuncture points are chosen on the body along acupuncture meridians, or pathways. Needle stimulation of these points increases the body’s healing energy or qi. The body has approximately  360 acupuncture points.

Qi circulates throughout the body within the meridians, which also are related to the internal organs. Qi surfaces to the skin level at specific points which the acupuncturist manipulates according to the diagnosis. We work with the body’s energy system, like tuning a car, to help it to run optimally by bringing it into balance thereby treating a wide range of disorders.

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