1. Develop it.

Your Health Improvement Plan is an intensive evaluation of your nutritional status and how that is affecting your health. You will be evaluated with our on-line personalized NutriQ – a nutritional assessment questionnaire, a confidential medical history form, your food journal, and your health concerns. After you sign up you will receive all of the necessary forms and your responses will automatically be generated to me.

2. Discuss it.

Once all of the necessary information are gathered we will then have our virtual or in-person 90 minute consultation. You decide whether you would prefer a phone, virtual or in clinic meeting. During this conversation we will:

  • Review your goals and the materials that you filled out

  • Develop a food/supplement plan for you 

  • Talk about recipes for your specific dietary needs

  • Discuss any and all questions and concerns that you have and to how best make these changes within your lifestyle parameters.

3. Follow Up.

Whenever you feel the need to check in; I will be available to answer your questions. I recommend setting up a scheduled meeting within a month (or less) to assess your improvement. We will review your goals and progress and if necessary adjust your diet, supplements and activities.