A variety of fresh and healthy foods arranged in a border around a dark surface, including whole fish, salmon fillets, avocado, walnuts, peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, herbs, spices, and other colorful vegetables. The text "WHY REAL FOOD?" is prominently displayed in the center.

Since the early 1900’s people started responding to the infusion of chemicals into our food supply. The organic food movement began as a result of the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides in the early days of industrial agriculture. (http://theorganicsinstitute.com/organic/history-of-the-organic-movement/).

Later on, to name a few, there were people such as Rudolf Steiner who developed biodynamic agriculture, an organic farming method (http://www.rudolfsteinerweb.com), Alice Waters, who is a pioneer of the organic food movement in the US and the originator of the infamous Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley, and there was Weston A. Price, a dentist in the 1930s, who traveled the world and discovered that indigenous people who consumed only pure nutrient dense traditional foods, were far healthier than the western population (www.wapf.com), The slow food movement was also a group evolved in reaction to our changing food economy (http://www.slowfoodusa.org).

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