Basic Sauerkraut

Servings and Timing

  • For 1 batch
  • Preparation time: 30m
  • Waiting time: 6d


  • 1 large green or purple cabbage
  • 1 tablespoon Real salt or Celtic Salt
  • Filtered water as needed optional
  • 1 tablespoon caraway seeds

Basic Sauerkraut Directions

  1. Rinse cabbage to just remove noticeable dirt. Slice into thin shreds or small pieces, to your preference, with a knife by hand or with a food processor. You made add caraway seeds.
  2. Mix cut cabbage throughly with the salt in a large bowl (metal is best) to blend. You may cover with a towel and let mixture sit for about 15 minutes to allow salt to begin the process. Use hands or a wooden pounder to crush the leaves until the juices begin to flow
  3. Pack the wilted cabbage tightly into your wide mouth jar, or into crock. Press cabbage down with hands or wooden pounder so liquid rises at least 1 inch above. Make sure there is at least 2 inches of space below lid. 
  4. You can add a little filtered water if not enough liquid has been produced.
  5. Screw lid on but not too tight, as gases will be produced. Place on a plate, in case there is spillage, and place in dark corner or cupboard for at least one week. When you are satisfied with the taste you may place in the refrigerator. Enjoy alone or as a condiment to your entrees.

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